Workshops & Programs



6 week therapeutic support group.

Topics include: 

  • Understanding depression and anxiety,
  • Self care and wellness 
  • Realistic expectations
  • Problem solving
  • Relationships


THIS IS MOMS: is a 5-week therapeutic group. It will not be structure with topics but rather meeting women where they are at in their journey of motherhood. The group will be an opportunity for women to share the joys and challenges in a therapeutic environment. We will talk about the ever-changing roles and the impact of the mental load of motherhood.

This group is appropriate for women with babies into toddlerhood.

Registration is required.
No refunds.

Babies are welcome but no toddlers please.

Mindful Moms (MM): This is a 4 week group with the focus on learning to live in the moment and find ways to be present in parenting.

WISH (Women Infertility Support Hour)

This monthly group is to support women and families through fertility challenges. 

Please contact Emily to RSVP.