Workshops & Programs



6 week therapeutic support group.

Topics include: 

  • Understanding depression and anxiety,
  • Self care and wellness 
  • Realistic expectations
  • Problem solving
  • Relationships

Tuesday September 18th- -October 23rd from 10:30am-12. $130 (** registration is required) 


Mindful Moms (MM): This is a 4 week group with the focus on learning to live in the moment and find ways to be present in parenting. Tuesday November 6th-  November 27th 10:00am- 11:15am. $80 (** registration is required) 

WISH (Womens Infertility Support Hour)

This monthly group is to support women and families through fertility challanges. 

The 1st Thursday of each month from 6pm-7:15pm. Please contact Emily to RSVP.

Maternal Mental Health Workshop- Service Providers

MMH Workshop for Service Providers is to build community capacity regarding Maternal Mental Health.  

Contact Emily for more information.

Facebook Live: Lets Talk about Sex

Marie-Eve Nacker, PT

Marie-Eve is a local Physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic floor health. She supports individuals during pregnancy and the postpartum period to restore functioning. 

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